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From cave paintings to Click through rates 

Dark Rocks

Imagine this: a prehistoric marketing team huddled around a flickering fire, brainstorming ways to promote the latest spear design. Grunting and gesticulating, they debate the merits of depicting the spear on the cave wall versus etching it on mammoth tusks for wider distribution.


Suddenly, a brilliant idea sparks (literally, from a stray ember). They'll create a multi-channel campaign! They'll paint vibrant cave murals showcasing the spear's sleek design and hunting prowess. They'll carve miniature spear models on bone fragments for distribution amongst neighboring tribes. And for a truly innovative touch, they'll stage a live demonstration – a dramatic reenactment of a successful hunt using the new spear design.


The results are phenomenal. Tribes flock to see the awe-inspiring cave paintings. The bone-carved models become coveted collectibles, spreading word of the revolutionary spear far and wide. The live demonstration, complete with grunts of triumph and celebratory dances, leaves a lasting impression. Our prehistoric marketing team has achieved the impossible – they've turned a simple spear into a must-have hunting tool through the power of branding and storytelling.


(Well, almost!)


Fast forward a few millennia and our passion for crafting compelling narratives hasn't waned. We may not be using cave walls and mammoth tusks anymore, but the core principles remain the same. We help businesses tell their stories in a way that resonates with their audience, utilizing the latest marketing channels and strategies to drive results. In place of grunts and firelight, we wield the power of data and creative thinking, crafting campaigns that are both innovative and effective.

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